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About Celestaire

At Celestaire, we feel the science and art of celestial navigation is of fundamental importance on all voyages whether on land, sea, or in the air. We think the celestial way, although ancient in origin, is still the most exciting way to navigate. It can be done anywhere with complete self-sufficiency, AND it can be practiced in one’s own backyard.

Our curious land-locked status began from selling government surplus aircraft sextants in Wichita in 1972. Although we still feature some of these, we began adding marine sextants and other unusual items not to be found elsewhere. Today we process more sextants than any other single firm in the world. In our catalog, our prices are among the lowest to be found anywhere. We have attempted to discuss the merits of each product, and to give our recommendations so that you can choose those that suit your needs best.

Celestaire is staffed by people who are experienced in marine and air navigation, and of course, our specialty is celestial. We have flown by it, and sailed by it, and would be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

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