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Choosing a World Band Radio

The job for a world band radio is tough. Crowded signals traveling long distances require proper equipment for good reception. Yet, there is a global free-for-all in the manufacturing and merchandising of these radios. Some do an excellent job, and some are sold on the basis of good looks while having terrible performance. The following points should be considered in making your selection.

1PRICE– Do not buy a cheap radio! Expect to pay a decent price for good equipment. Choose from those which are rated highly by impartial reviews.
2SIZE– This depends on how you will use it. Small is great for travel, but poor for the home. Large radios usually sound better and have more features than small ones, but are poor for travel.
3TUNING– Digital tuning, and selective analog tuning are sensible choices, and is all that we offer. The older analog tuners that whistle and wow, take time, and make stations hard to find, should be avoided.
4SINGLE SIDEBAND (SSB)– This is unimportant for ordinary program listening, but is necessary for receiving shortwave utility, “ham” signals, weather fax, and air-to-ground, and ship-to-shore stations.
5ANTENNA- Usually, the built-in telescoping antenna that comes with your portable is all you will need; unless you live in a harder to receive-in area such as the North American midwest, or west. Here you may consider an external clip-on antenna which are widely available.

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