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Time Signals

Having the correct time is important in all navigation, but is paramount for celestial. Determining longitude has always been the strictest test of timekeeping which is today improved by quartz clocks and worldwide broadcast time signals. These time signals are…

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About Basemaps

Several of these GPSs which have “MAP” in their name, have what is called “a built-in basemap”. The benefits of a basemap are as follows: Intuitive orientation. Simply turn the unit on, and upon acquisition of satellites, your location will be…

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Choosing a GPS

As you read the descriptions of the several different models we feature — it becomes confusing to the beginner to make a selection. The following discussion may help youto decide. But bear in mind, just as with computers, the first…

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About Celestaire

At Celestaire, we feel the science and art of celestial navigation is of fundamental importance on all voyages whether on land, sea, or in the air. We think the celestial way, although ancient in origin, is still the most exciting…

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