Jimmy Cornell, founder of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers and author of the sailor’s bible “World Cruising Routes” has teamed up with his son Ivan to produce Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, an atlas of 129 up-to-date pilot charts based on the last 20 years of satellite observations.

Windgram of the winds between the Galapagos and Marquesa Islands in March.  The colour indicates the wind strength on the Beaufort scale (dark blue force 4, light blue force 5, etc.) 

The Atlas is the first significant innovation in pilot charts — an essential tool for passage planning — since pilot charts were developed by Lieutenant Maury of the US Navy in the mid-1800s. They are the first and only pilot charts to be based on extensive near real-time geospatial and remote buoy sensing data from 1987 to the present measuring true surface wind and current – gathered from a network of OSCAR and other meteorological satellites, using NOAA and Earth and Space Research (ESR) data programs. They include 60 monthly up-to-date pilot charts of all oceans of the world, show wind speed and direction, current rates and direction, the approximate extent of the Intertropical Convergence Zone, commonly known as thedoldrums, the most common tracks of tropical storms and the mean location of high pressure cells for each hemisphere. It also includes 69 detailed charts of the most common transoceanic routes. Comprehensive descriptions of weather conditions in every ocean includes sidebars with tactical suggestions for the months when most passages are undertaken.  The Atlas is an integral part of Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Series (shown below) and works hand-in-hand with World Voyage Planner, World Cruising Routes and World Cruising Destinations. SC, 2012, 120 pages (11.7″ x 16.5″) spiral bound, full color. SW 3.0 lbs.

Cornell's Atlas Ocean

Cornell’s Ocean Atlas


Cornell's Atlas Ocean

World Cruising Destinations


Cornell's Atlas Ocean

World Voyage Planner


Cornell's Atlas Ocean

World Cruising Routes