The software programs in this section are produced by individuals—not large companies. They are labors of love by people who are extremely talented, and they try to give you all the information you could possibly need. These programs are stunningly good, and at the same time inexpensive! They have all been reviewed by experts for accuracy and ease of use. All of these programs include a built-in almanac to at least the year 2030, and contain routines for complete sight reduction. Typically the user enters the time of a sight, the sextant reading and the name of the body observed. The output is a bearing and distance needed to plot a line of position. The programs replace the Nautical Almanac and the Sight Reduction Tables. However, since computer devices are subject to failure, we recommend familiarity with the manual method of using the Almanac and Sight Reduction tables.

Navigation Software

Maptech Chart Navigator


Navigation Software

Maptech Chart Navigator Pro


Navigation Software