The StarPilot Program is a navigator’s dream come true. It does all computations that might arise in routine or even special case navigation: fast, easy, and highly accurate — in the middle of the ocean or in coastal and inland waters. Celestial navigation and piloting students as well as experts will value the ease of use of this program.

Celestial highlights include a Sight Planner that plots out the full sky showing heights and bearings of all navigational bodies from which you call up a Best Sights function which displays the best triads of sights for that sky. Once sights are in hand, the Sight Analyzer function fits sequences of data to the correct theoretical shape so navigators can identify the best sights of the set. Celestial fixes can be obtained from its plotted LOPs or from computation. Starpilot also includes a versatile “Lunars” routine for finding GMT from lunar distances. You can analyze present data or historical data from early explorers. The internal almanac is accurate from the 16th century until 2100.

starpilotPiloting highlights include numeric solutions to running fixes, sextant piloting with vertical angles, and highly accurate 3 point solutions with horizontal angles. All tidal vector current problems are solved, as well as geographic range, all route sailings, tide and current interpolators, bow angle fixes, wind vectors, speed-time-distance, DR updates by log or speed, and much more. A magnetic variation calculator will compute the magnetic variation at your current location and time anywhere in the world.

The StarPilot Program is available in one of the following four ways:

  • Pre-installed on a TI-T89 type Calculator
  • As a program which can be installed on a PC.
  • As an internet download for any of the following devices: PC, TI-T89, TI-89, Voyage 200, TI-92+.

The StarPilot program is pre-installed using the calculators as a platform, and ready to go at the first touch of the ON button. The program is menu driven for user friendliness and provides graphing so you can see each line of position (advanced or retarded as necessary) that composes your fix. It allows your judgement to intervene for a more accurate assessment of them, and your modification of the final fix.
The TI-T89 is a very powerful programmable calculator, and its full array of normal functions is still available to you—if you care to use them. If you don’t, you just need three buttons to operate all of the StarPilot navigation functions of the calculator.

If you already own a TI-T89,TI-89, T-86, Voyage 200, TI-92+ or PC,
you may just buy the program via an internet download to your PC, and load it onto your calculator with a PC Link cable which you may already own, or can find at any computer store. The download programs include the Starpilot’s Illustrated User’s Guide with practice exercises as a downloadable PDF file.

A protective box is available which fits the TI calculators perfectly. It is foam lined, waterproof and virtually indestructible. SW 1 lb.

PC Operation of StarPilot is easy by just loading the StarPilot-PC program into your PC with the CD supplied. It runs on any PC running Windows (32 or 64 bit). The StarPilot program comes with the StarPilot illustrated User’s Guide with practice exercises and additional educational resources on a CD. SW 3 lb.