This navigation computer is designed for the professional mariner or open ocean yachtsman. Its PDA format has a large display, a high resolution touch screen, and easy to understand prompts provide a very user friendly navigation computer.

The calculator is not an aftermarket product, but manufactured as a dedicated calculator for Tamaya. Although sturdily construction, its reduced thickness makes it easy to carry and store.

PDA operation is by color touch panel with stylus pen. Power is from 3 AAA batteries (replacable) providing 8 hours operating time. Weight is 6 oz. without batteries. Size is 2.83×4.42×0.53 inches. MSRP $1506. Comes with neck strap, stylus and initial batteries. SW 2 lb.

  • Simple operation with built-in programs
  • Course and Distance computation l Dead Reckoning computation
  • Great Circle computation
  • ETA computation
  • Current computation
  • LOP computation
  • Meridian Passage computation
  • Convenient conversions for to HMS and to HHH
  • Long term Nautical Almanac for the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and 63 stars. The built-in Almanac is usable until 2100, it is good with accuracy better than 0’.2 .
  • Twilight Time mode computes time of rise or set, civil twilight and azimuth for the Sun and rise or set, age and azimuth for the Moon
  • Accepts data from GPS receiver for latitude and longitude.