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A friend gave us a jar of this recently, and frankly we thought about pitching it because we didn’t want some sweet smelling, odor masking chemical that we have all encountered before. Boy, were we surprised! Yes, it smelled good up close and freshly opened, but following the instructions to “open the jar and forget it” – we were amazed. Our musty basement wasn’t musty anymore, and it didn’t smell sweet either. Later we investigated and found that it didn’t just mask odors – it captured them! We found out that this was a serious, chemically effective method to remove odors that can be used not only in homes, boats, and autos, but in wide industrial applications as well. It is perfect for odors from cigarettes, cooking, bathrooms, diesel fuel, pets and more.

As the molecules of Fresh Wave sublime into the air, they electrostatically attach to odor molecules and neutralize them. The speed with which odor is removed depends on the rate of air contact. A jar of Fresh Wave gel may be opened and placed in a chronically odorous place, and left. Rate of air contact won’t be great, but it works 24 hours a day. Pearls of the gel are available in small porous pouches which may be placed under a car seat, pantry, or boat. In candle form, the material is transported more quickly into the air and is great for a stovetop, or where fish may be handled. A spray is the fastestt way to inject the material into the air and is a quick solution to the biggest odor problems. Fresh Wave is completely non-hazardous, and safe for humans, pets, and the environment. SW 2 lbs.

Fresh Wave Odor Control

Fresh Wave Travel Spray (2 oz.)


Fresh Wave Odor Control

Fresh Wave Spray (8 oz.)


Fresh Wave Odor Control

Fresh Wave Pearls (5 pouches)


Fresh Wave Odor Control

Fresh Wave Jar (Gel)


Fresh Wave Odor Control

Fresh Wave Candle