Here is a method of cleansing the air on your boat or home, particularly if the problem is mold or mildew and the respiratory difficulties that are common are to be avoided.

Kanberra Gel is an all natural blend of Australian Tea Tree Oil which allows its natural antisceptic properties to become airborne through an evaporative release. As the air circulates and contacts the source (mold, mildew) it neutralizes it on contact. It does this naturally and without added chemicals, and most importantly, has lasting effect for up to 45 days after the Gel has evaporated.

Usage is by removing the top of the container, and allowing the air to circulate around it. Suggested sizes are: 2 oz for a bilge, head or small compartment; 4 oz for a medium cabin or air handling unit; 8 oz for large cabins (200 sq. ft.); 16 oz for very large room or storage of boats up to 60′.

Even though it’s expensive, if you think you are having respiratory problems from mold, mildew or bacteria, you should at least try Kanberra Gel. SW 1.0 lb

Kanberra Gel

Kanberra Spray

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Kanberra Gel

Kanberra Gel