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You used to see these at most boat shows, but lately they have been absent. What a shame, because they are far and away the best ways to keep things cold (or hot). Some of their many benefits are that they:

  • Actually perform better than hard-sided coolers
  • Do not leak – ever!
  • Can be rolled up and put into your luggage for use later.
  • Can be “nested” for storage, ie. the 6, 12, and 24 packs.
  • Give “extreme” performance, with one inside the other.
  • Can even be used as luggage. Take your clean clothes going, bring your dirty clothes (even wet ones) back, and you still have a cooler while you are there.

The coolers are constructed of 600 denier polyester on the outside, which is very friendly to the inside of your boat, or vehicle. The interior is heavy gauge vinyl which is heat welded (no glue or stitches) which is guaranteed not to leak for the life of your cooler. Between these is 3/4 inch of high density foam. This is the insulation that keeps your food colder (or hotter) 2 to 3 times longer than any hard-sided cooler. Each cooler comes with a shoulder strap and handle that wraps completely around the cooler, giving you complete protection against failure of exterior or stitching. The insulation of these coolers is so good that you will rarely find even “sweat” moisture under the cooler the next morning.
We stock the coolers in black color. Other colors such as navy blue, red, burgundy, orange, royal blue, forest green, purple, charcoal, and camouflage are availabe on special order. The handle and strap webbing is black in any case. Special order colors are priced the same as black, but are not returnable under our “satisfaction Guarantee”, and may take an extra 10 days to fulfill. Sizes available are: 9 pack – 11×7.5×8.5 inches, 12 pack – 14x7x12 inches, and 24 pack – 17x10x12 inches. SW 5.0 lb

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