GENERAL Part of the decision to make an international purchase involves knowing the cost of having the merchandise delivered to you. The following Table is our attempt to simplify shipping options so that you can make this decision. No one knows the exact shipping cost of an order until it is packed, weighed, and a shipping option selected. In many cases it will be slightly less than this Table indicates, but in no case will you be charged more than this unless you live in an extended delivery area (see below). Shipping weights are listed in pounds (lbs) following the SW at the end of each product description in the catalog. Please do not forget that taxes (such as VAT, GST, etc.), customs duty (if any), and possibly a fee advancement charge (about$25) are strictly the obligation of the recipient to pay, and will be collected by the Courier upon delivery of the merchandise.

COURIER OR EXPRESS SHIPPING We use courier shipping methods for all international orders! We have low FEDEX and UPS rates throughout the World. We sometimes will use Postal Express (EMS) for smaller parcels. All of these methods take from 2 to 6 days, and allow for shipment tracking so that we can be sure of delivery to you within a reasonable amount of time. You must supply a recipient’s name and working telephone number that couriers will call before attempting delivery. If they cannot contact you, the package will be returned to us, and your refund will be minus the shipping costs both ways.

HOW TO READ THE TABLE The Table below lists many (but not all) of the Countries of the world to which we ship. The numbers shown under EXPRESS are a way to find the cost of shipping. For example, 2.30+21 means to add $2.30 for each lb of shipping weight (SW), and then to add $21.00 to get the total. See the example below. If you live in an extended delivery area (these are remote or difficult access areas), express couriers may charge up to $20 additional for delivery. Such charges will be billed to you at the time of shipment, or after delivery when they become known to us.

Example (Germany):
Astra IIIB Sextant
(Shipping weight 20 lbs) Express Shipping: $2.20 x 20 + $40.00= $84.00

For items of low weight and low value, we will use this less expensive method if you specifically request this, and understand that the shipment will be solely at your own risk. This means that if you do not get the package, we will not re-ship at our expense, and you will not get a refund for the package not received.

Am. Samoa 5.00+70
Armenia 5.00+70
Argentina 7.20+60
Albania 5.00+70
Australia 3.50+45
Austria 3.50+45
Azores 2.90+50
Bangladesh 3.30+50
Bahamas 2.20+40
Barbados 2.20+40
Belarus 5.00+70
Belgium 2.20+40
Bermuda 2.20+40
Bosnia 5.00+70
Brazil 7.20+50
BVI 2.20+40
Bulgaria 5.00+70
Cayman Is. 2.20+40
Canada 1.00+40
Chile 7.20+60
China 3.30+50
Colombia 7.20+60
Costa Rica 7.20+60
Croatia 5.00+70
Cyprus 3.30+45
Czech Republic 5.00+70
Denmark 2.90+50
Dominican Rep. 2.20+40
El Salvador 7.20+60
Estonia 5.00+70
Egypt 3.30+45
Fiji 5.00+70
Finland 2.90+50
France 2.20+40
French Polynesia 5.00+70
Germany 2.20+40
Gibralter 5.00+70
Great Britain 2.20+40
Grenada 2.20+40
Greece 2.90+50
Hong Kong 2.20+40
Hungary 5.00+70
Iceland 2.90+50
India 3.30+50
Indonesia 3.50+45
Ireland 2.20+40
Israel 3.30+45
Italy 2.20+40
Jamaica 2.20+40
Japan 2.20+40
Korea (South) 2.20+40
Kuwait 3.30+45
Latvia 5.00+70
Lebanon 3.30+45
Lithuania 5.00+70
Macau 3.50+45
Madagascar 5.00+70
Malaysia 3.50+45
Malta 2.90+50
Marshall Is. 5.00+70
Mexico 1.50+35
Micronesia 5.00+70
Monaco 2.20+40
Netherlands 2.20+40
New Zealand 3.50+45
Norway 2.90+50
Oman 3.30+45
Pakistan 3.30+50
Panama 7.20+60
Paraguay 7.20+60
Papua New Guinea 5.00+70
Peru 7.20+60
Phillipines 3.50+45
Poland 5.00+70
Portugal 2.90+50
Qatar 3.30+45
Romania 5.00+70
Russia 5.00+70
Saudi Arabia 3.30+45
Singapore 2.20+40
Slovak Republic 5.00+70
Slovenia 5.00+70
South Africa 5.00+70
Spain 2.90+50
Sweden 2.90+60
Switzerland 2.90+60
Trinidad 2.20+40
Tunisia 5.00+70
Taiwan 2.20+40
Thailand 3.50+45
Turkey 3.30+45
Ukraine 5.00+70
United Arab Emerates 3.30+45
Uruguay 7.20+60
Venezuela 7.20+60
Vietnam 3.50+45

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