A navigator needs a small light while taking star sights in order to read the sextant and record altitudes and time. Finally, we have found this durable one to recommend. We have seen many others that are cheaper, but they are larger and more poorly constructed. They will not last ‹ even for a short time. Never again be without a light! Most people who buy one, re-order more for friends or family.

The new Freedom Micro Light has variable levels of intensity plus a flashing strobe. Each function is activated by pressing the side of the light once to turn it on, or holding pressure to ramp the intensity up from dim to bright, or back again. Another tap turns it off.  The variable intensity levels are valuable for conserving battery power, preserving night vision, or just to avoid disturbing others. The light is water resistant and comes with a hands-free clip for cap bill or clothing attachment.

The Photon Micro Light II looks exactly the same, but has an on/off switch on the side. Squeeze to light, or use the on-off switch for continous operation. Although not completely waterproof, it has been very satisfactory in the marine environment.

Hanging from above, either model will illuminate a room for 12 to 72 hours. They are available in the following colors: red for night vision, and  white for faithful color rendition, or turquoise for brightest outdoor use all powered by two CR-2032 batteries. These colors are pure and the brightest ever produced for a light this small. You will be amazed! SW .1 lb.

Photon Micro-Lights

Photon Freedom Micro Light


Photon Micro-Lights

Photon Micro Light II