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The display console and functions
Be your own weatherman! Know when to double the mooring lines before a rising wind becomes too strong. Check the barometric trend to see if the pressure is rising or falling. Vantage Pro2 is Davis’ newest and most exciting system. It offers the latest in weather forecasting technology. It displays forecasting icons, on screen graphing, and much more – all on a large 3.5″ x 6″ backlit LCD display. It mounts on desk, shelf, or wall. It displays either US or metric units of measure.

Highs and lows are maintained for most functions, and can be quickly viewed along with the date and time they occurred. Current values are updated each 2.5 seconds. Over 35 programmable alarms can alert you to changes in weather conditions. There are even special alarms to announce rapid changes in barometric pressure or signal that temperature is approaching the dew point. A continuously displayed compass rose shows at a glance the current wind direction and speed. The barometric trend graph gives a visual indication of rising, falling, or steady pressure. Over 80 other graphs of trends and history are available. A list of the many functions includes:

  • Inside and Outside Temperatures
  • Barometric Trend
  • Inside and Outside Humidity
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Instant Metric Conversion
  • Heat Index
  • Wind Chill
  • Barometer
  • Alarms
  • Time and Date
  • High and Lows
  • Rainfall
  • Dew Point

The sensor array

The Vantage Pro2 comes with an innovative integrated sensor array which combines the rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and anemometer all in one package with mounting hardware. It can be mounted almost instantly anywhere, or on an optional tripod. The anemometer is detachable and comes with a spare 40 foot cable to facilitate mounting in a free wind zone. The temperature and humidity sensors are mounted inside a radiation shield which protects them from solar and other forms of radiated heat. The rain collector is a self emptying tipping bucket which is exceptionally accurate.

Cabled Vantage Pro2
The cable version of the Vantage Pro2 includes an AC power adapter, and a 100 foot cable to connect the display console to the sensor array. Unlike a wireless model, the cable must be routed from the outside sensor array to the display unit. SW 28 lbs.

Wireless Vantage Pro2
The wireless model receives outside data by radio signals. The range for reception is about 800 feet in straight line of sight, or 150 to 500 feet through building structure. Wireless repeaters are available to extend the range if necessary. Reception to be expected may be estimated by using a 900 mHz cordless phone in the same locations. The wireless sensor array is powered by a solar panel as well as a back-up battery. As little as one hour of sunlight a day is adequate for solar operation. The wireless display console is powered by an included AC adapter, or by using three size “C” batteries (not included). This gives great mobility in taking a display from room to room if desired.

Up to eight additional sensor arrays can report to one display console. Similarly, an unlimited number of display consoles may receive data from a single sensor array. SW 28 lbs.

Vantage Pro2 Plus
Vantage Pro2 Plus includes everything listed for the Vantage Pro2 plus UV and solar radiation sensors. They provide UV dose, UV index, solar radiation intensity,temp-humidity-sun-wind index, and evapotranspiration for day, month and year. This model is available in either cabled or wireless versions. SW 28 lbs.

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Davis Vantage Pro2

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Davis Vantage Pro2

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Davis Vantage Pro2

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Davis Vantage Pro2

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