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This exciting new collection of time and weather instruments from Weems & Plath is truly a breakthrough in quality, reliability and ease of access. The Endurance II line is probably the last set of display instruments you will ever have to buy. They won’t stop working and the finish won’t deteriorate.

First, they are completely weatherproof. An O-ring seated behind the beveled glass completes the seal. Then the gleaming finish is treated so that it will never tarnish or even scratch. In fact, there is a lifetime warranty on both the finish and movement. Lastly, the front opening, porthole style bezel allows easy changing of batteries.

Three sizes are available for the Endurance II – 105, 115, and the 135 models. These numbers are the approximate diameters (in millimeters) of the outside of the instruments at the glass face. Available finishes are brass and chrome. The “105” models come in Clock, Barometer, Thermometer and Comfort Meter. Comfort Meters show temperature and relative humidity with needles that cross in “comfort” zones.The “115” line adds a Time & Tide Clock and a combination Barometer/Thermometer. The largest “135” models add nothing new, but contain some distinctive clock faces.

Mahogany or black hardwood bases are available for single units of all sizes.

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