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Brass Stormglass with Hook

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Brass Stormglass with Hook

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The stormglass is a fascinating instrument that has been around since the 1750s. It is believed to have been invented by an alchemist for Italian sailors, and works on the premise that changing weather affects the solubility of the mixture of chemicals in the sealed glass tube. One famous user of the stormglass was Admiral Fitzroy, who mounted a similar instrument on the mast of HMS Beagle during his historic voyage with Darwin in the 1830s as a storm warning device. Some experts suggest that the changes in crystal structures are caused by electromagnetic changes that occur during weather and sun storms. The stormglass can predict weather up to 48 hours in advance and features unique crystal formations that indicate impending weather patterns. It also comes with a reference card of crystal formations and is made with solid brass end caps that have a brushed finish. However, it is important to avoid placing the instrument in extreme heat or direct sunlight.


1. Fernlike crystals are building up – Cold and stormy
2. Fernlike crystals are disappearing – Warmer
3. Star crystals are falling down – Frost
4. Crystals all over – Rain
5. Clear liquid – Fine and dryThe fernlike crystals will be highest in the windward side.

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