This is a very clever laminated cardboard kit with real mirrors and an adjustable sun shade. But you have to build it yourself. It should take a little more than an hour to construct, and when done yields a remarkably accurate instrument. The German manufacturer claims an accuracy of better than 8 minutes of arc. It is certainly not weatherproof, but should be fun and educational to build. It comes with a very good brochure explaining the uses of the sextant, and includes a perpetual almanac of the sun. Thus, you have everything you need to build it and use it.

An ingenious bubble horizon attachment is available separately for use on land or when the sea horizon is obscured. This also comes in kit form but takes much less time to assemble. The bubble fits above the sighting tube, and just behind the index mirror as shown. It slips on and off as desired. Now you can do the whole thing take sights in the mountains, the city, school yards, anywhere for a ridiculously low-cost

Cheap Sextant

The Cheapest Sextant


Cheap Sextant

The Bubble Horizon